Maybe you are a female high achiever, looking for a clear purpose, stronger alignment, more ease and a clear direction.

At some point in your life you really want to get rid of your old gremlins, these voices that keep you from living the life you really want.

You have a desire: to become the best version of yourself and beyond .. to stand up as the Goddess that you really are and make that work in every area in your life.

Be sure, in this day and age we need women more then ever, certainly if we don’t want to go down faster than we do already in his crazy world.

Today, if you want to thrive as a woman, you need to start talking your own language, if you haven't been doing that sofar.
Have you any idea how much this world is keeping you away from who you really are?

Do you realize that your path of ultimate personal development is quite different from that of men?
Why? It is because you are different. You feel and see life differently. You live in a different world. Once you embrace that, only then will you really thrive.

I'm here to turn that vision into unprecedented results. In your work, your business and in your personal life.

I’m going to make a bold statement here: Your true talent is in your body.
It contains the language of energy.

Away from the gremlins, connecting with your rock solid authentic self. Boldly.

Be clear: there is no way you can thrive trying to be a man, doing what men do or wanting to adapt to whatever you think others (men and women) seem to expect from you.

You live in a different dimension and you had better embrace it.

Do you have questions about where you belong? Is inclusivity a subject that keeps you up at night?
Are you wondering where to start as you crave to go to a next level?
Here is my statement: in order to be inclusive (read ‘relevant') you must be exclusive first.

Let me clarify. Someone may wear an exclusive dress, meaning special, not standard, stylish, even ... exquisit. That is also a possible way to describe a woman.
You can add other worldly and divine. My advice: make divine part of your daily domain.
And be exclusive in the most 'precious' sense of the word.

Did you know that women are more Goddess than men are God?
Once you realize this fact, you will have no problem finding your deeper purpose.

You are truly different.

Again: connect with your body. A practical exemple: Are you afraid of being hurt by men? Put the energy of your first two chakra’s into your eyes. No man will dare to touch you. No man will harm you ever again. It’s over.

If you want to grow, if you want to stand in your feminine power, connect to your body like never before, as it is the vault of all your wisdom, playfulness, leadership and creative potential.

Do you wish to thrive (again), take the right decisions and stick to it?
I’m here to help.

Whatever kind of human you are, embrace it and make it work.
Every woman has privileges.
It's just that you may not know them and you haven’t monetized on them yet.
It is time you do!

You are more Goddess than men are God.
Stand out, be exclusive first and foremost.
Connect with your body in ways you never did before.
It is the source of your wisdom, playfullness, leadership and creative potential.
Practice the language of energy.

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Felix Brabander

Felix Brabander
Sensitive High Achievers / Wake-up Company