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I say ‘trying’ because in the past four or five months I had several not so perfect versions that saw the light. Also I was still in the process of learning how to make my free content available on a new platform. Anyway, this week I got all the pieces together. Through the link at the bottom of this page you will find my free gift the way I really wanted it. It is called The 24 Life & Business Essentials aka The 24 tips and tools for Business and Life, if you like.

Hi, Felix Brabander here. Let me introduce myself a little more before I unveil the topic of today’s message. As you may know after visiting my website, I was and still am a personal coach for 17 years now, specialized in providing guidance to empathic, sensitive humans, creative rebels and other geniuses in their pursuit to be successful in life and business.
I originate from the Netherlands where I have lived almost all of my life, except for four years in Paris, France and one year in Palembang, Indonesia. I’m very much drawn to the United States. My plans are to settle in Miami during the course of 2022.

The purpose of my voice is to deliver a message. Mostly that message is about Life and it’s adventures leading to discoveries to help you be more you (and me be more me). Most of all I am a follower of senses, which by the way did not happen overnight. It turned out to be the outcome after years and years of relative mental reclusion and going in circles. So just in case you happen to feel that way, I know.

Nowadays indeed I do use my mind, but mostly to elevate feelings and thoughts to a higher level of simplicity. The kind that hits you right in the heart. At least I hope I do sometimes and I also hope I’m blessed enough to keep doing just that. Time will let us know.

When the world was still a place (in my view) of unexpected magic and, with that, an incredible source of personal development and collective potential, I could just sit and wait for things to happen. Today what is happening is something that I have to figure out. Every. Single. Day.

Three things have become equally important: Connections with people, Retirement in nature & See more of the world. Those three bring wonderful moments of enlightenment especially when one has questions like ‘What is the big picture? Where are we going?’ But most of all I like it so much when seemingly out of the blue the conversation leads to a new gem, personal, very personal, very sensitive, extremely vulnerable and precious. Call it a doorway to a new world, a new paradigm, a new idea, a new start for a promising human being.
Aren’t all human beings promising? Some maybe more than others, but anyway.

I don’t know about you, how you feel and think. Do you sometimes contemplate about those two things very much interrelated called sensitivity and vulnerability?
For a long time I thought to myself ‘get a life’, there must be other topics that are rather of great value. However, I promised myself to stick to it, open myself up to the unexpected and wait for something to happen.

Over time it dawned on me that sensitivity and vulnerability were actually two sides of the same medal and even highly interrelated strategically in any form of communication. Whether that might be with your (potential) clients, in business partnerships or with your spouse.

Now, before I elaborate more on it I am truly interested to know what place these two topics have in your life. Are they allowed to play any role of significance? Or do they rather shy away from daily conversation, privately or professionally? Please let me know your thoughts and feelings on this. And maybe you have some questions that will keep me on my toes 😊. I promise to use your input in my next podcast(s). The more questions you have the better.

And of course I’m interested to hear if you have any thoughts about the purpose of your voice ...

Thanks in advance and until the pleasure of hearing from you again.

Felix Brabander

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Felix Brabander
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