I wish for you that you will use 2023 as the year in which you will create something special or break through something that has not been achieved before.

Maybe leave a mega comfort zone behind, emigrate to a country where peace reigns... or where being a woman is the safest. Or a mini wish that will make all the difference.

Shape your life your way.

And if you can't find the peace, be the center of the cyclone (meditate more often) or take a break.

Come up with something nice, something extra for yourself, so that you immediately feel that it will be a special new year already in January.

There are also those phrases that help to create what you desire, for example:

- I hope to wake up one morning in 2023 in ... (or with ... or without ...).

- In a year I want to be someone who ...

- How cool would it be if this year I...

In my bi-weekly free Power of Real Desire webinars, we almost always talk about desire. Desire directs your life. But, your life doesn't necessarily go in the right direction by itself.
Dream, dare and go! Who do you want to be and what does that take?

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Felix Brabander


Felix Brabander
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