I'm back and yes, I promised to send you my brochure.
However it appears to take me a bit more time (translation wise).
So, hold on, I'll get there.

In the mean time I thought of a topic that I see coming back in the conversations that I have with my clients. It is the question of how easy or how difficult it seems to put yourself first, for various reasons.

The more emphatic you are the more this can be a challenge.
There's a lot to say about it.

In this post I will keep it short.

I would very much like to invite you to take part in a small survey or 'poll' if you like. Yes, I would love to get to know your better :-).

Please take a glimpse at these nine questions and see what comes up.
There is also the option to fill in whether or not you would like me to respond to your answers.

Ignore the header image (will be removed) and scroll down a little.

Take a look.

Thanks in advance.


Felix Brabander
Sensitive High Achievers / Wake-up Company