Have you ever?

Have your ever thought of the possibility that your competence may keep you away from your happiness?

How is that?

Any great talent that you have will lead to success and possibly recognition.
However, any talent can also turn into a coping mechanism if it is used to survive from old pain.

If in the first 15 to 18 years of your life you were not given the respect and appreciation that you deserved, you may develop a strong inner voice with a deep knowing that something is wrong and needs to be set right.

Striving for recognition can be boosted by a lot of willpower. Especially if that inner voice says you may not lose. Like never.

And if besides having a career or a business you also have a family, you bet there is one thing where you wish to excel: being a great parent. Especially being a great mother. It’s something to be tremendously proud of. So you may not fail.

You will do everything to make it work like a machine, like clockwork.
Even if you have to squeeze yourself like a lemon.

Is there a way to stop the squeeze?

Yes and no.

Yes, because sooner or later it will lead to exhaustion.

No, because there are deep motivations that almost work like addictions.
Maybe you have to keep doing what you do.

The more competent you are, the more resources you have to destroy your health and your spirit. Certainly when your motivation is fear from drowning into old memories.

Are you interested in such a thing as a life without noise?

Do you feel a desire to get something more special out of the life you are leading now?

Is there an undercurrent in you that hesitates between truly emerging or waiting a little longer before it can finally see the light?

Do you know how much fear kicks in when you are on the verge of discovering what the meaning of your presence here is really all about?

Not so long ago someone said: ' I choose a life in the noise.’
Duh? I have no idea what that means exactly, but it feels like a compromise.

If I were to live in the noise, then there had better be something very special in return.
Something really worth it.

Living in the noise? No. I want to be able to draw from that silence that follows for instance after I have been deeply moved. Then I new sparkling things are coming my way.

Your inner spirit expresses to the universe: Sing my dear, speak to me and I will be touched to the depths of my being, because that's what happens when I embrace my sensitivity and let the noise fade away.

I invite you, drop everything and go out.

For a shorter or longer period of time, step into a new world where you just let each day arise, as if it has to invent itself, so that you can discover who you really are.

Embrace the longing you have for real life. One that feels like home as soon as you get there.

What's the recipe? A beginning of surrender is already enough, a hunger for more, a step into uncertainty that, through the power of vulnerability, can grow into massive trust.

There is a point in time where all doubt fades away. You then can't help but sing at the top of your lungs, while tears roll down your cheeks.

Choose a way, a direction. Move towards your greatest fear and let it melt. Allow love. It is an all healing power. The more you heal yourself, the easier it becomes for others. Find the right connections and surrender to the right opportunity that is not a coincidence. Be ready for the unknown.  Feel the emotions in your stomach, cry as long as you want, let tears flow when you have to, until all you can do is laugh.

Do you fancy such a special path where closed doors finally open?

Read my special brochure and let me know what you think. Tell me whether or not it touches you. Give me a day and I’ll send it to you shortly.

I have no doubt that I can do something for you.

When the time is right, yes indeed.

That's for you to decide.

In any case welcome.

Love to hear from you.


Felix Brabander

felix.brabander AT smartsuccessfulwomen.com




Felix Brabander
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