Hi, Felix Brabander here.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones.

I'm making a new start, serving a new group of people.
Most of my clients today are smart successful women between 35 and 60, working a bit too hard, delivering excellent service, forgetting to serve themselves and searching for a stronger feeling of true significance.

It is amazing to see how we humans are being programmed a certain way, only to stick to that one particular approach of doing things. Eventually we all know that in the end most habits need an update.

If you're in for a change, but don't know where to start, keep an eye on your mail box for more news that might help you transform to a better version of yourself.
Be it more aligned with your deepest desires or have more time for yourself.

As a senior guy who is a true advocate of women and their superpowers I'd like to present already a few oneliners here, that may give you an idea of my unconventional view on the feminine principle.

1) Women are part of the true divine. Man mostly have to earn it.
2) If you're religious and still think of God having a masculine image, think again or cancel me straigh away if you like. I will show you though that the omni present power is feminine, even if she is hidden.
3) If as a woman you are the source and symbol of life, who represents the source of you?
4) Quote: 'If only there was a path.' There is always a path! It depends on the depth of your desire.

These quotes can truely change both your private life and your professional perspective.

I'm organizing a free small scale 90 minutes webinar around these principles on January 17th at 10 am Pacific.   More details will follow tomorrow.

In prosperity,

Felix Brabander


Felix Brabander
Sensitive High Achievers / Wake-up Company