There must be a reason for you to sign up for a newsletter called 'Sensitive High Achievers'.
I haven't been sending a lot of messages and I know the frequency s#cks.
I'm working on it.
Nevertheless, I'm very interested to get to know you better.

Recently I was inspired by a famous song called 'Murder on the dancefloor', which stands for any possible setback in life. Then they added the lyrics 'but don't kill the groove', meaning keep dancing and stay in the rhythm. In other words: stay resilient.

I have big desires for my life. However, in my calvinistic homecountry you almost have to feel guilty when your dreams are big and bold. In the USA, I think it's different.

So I was wondering if you have any desires that are so big and bold that it will make you blush with shame.  Here in The Netherlands we have that rather quickly.

Anyway, starting the 7th of May 2024 I will organize a Summit with hopefully 21 speakers on how to be a High Achiever, well balanced and with big dreams.

Do you have any big bold dreams, let me know. I will support them and I will let you know.



Felix Brabander
Sensitive High Achievers / Wake-up Company