Dear Sensitive High Achiever:

Hi, my name is Felix J. Brabander.

Here I'll help you grasp the Concept of High Sensitivity: Its Strengths, Challenges, and Effective Management

High sensitivity is a trait that brings along its unique set of strengths and hurdles. This page is designed to illuminate some of these facets and offer guidance on how to better navigate your heightened sensitivity.

The Hurdles Accompanied by High Sensitivity

  • You might find yourself feeling swamped when dealing with numerous tasks, loud noise, or high-energy environments.
  • You could become engrossed in minor details.
  • Distractions might easily derail your focus.
  • You may often put others' needs before your own.
  • People might find it difficult to comprehend your viewpoint or emotions.

These hurdles can lead to a detachment from your own needs and wants, possibly causing you to lose your personal direction and feel trapped. However, the silver lining is that highly sensitive individuals are typically quite resilient. You're likely to keep pushing forward, even when stuck in old habits, until change becomes utterly indispensable. The crucial question you should ask yourself is, 'how drained are you from your current situation?'

This question holds significant relevance as you are known for demanding more from yourself and persisting in activities that you should ideally avoid.

How May I Help You?

I can offer the most effective assistance when you've distinctly recognized the need for a shift. If you're feeling depleted and/or uncertain about your future course, it's time to act. You might be longing for a life filled with greater peace, clarity, direction, and concrete steps to progress. This is absolutely attainable.

It's crucial to remember that the biggest hurdle in your journey from point A to point B is often yourself. Regardless of the challenges life presents, the key to improvement lies in changing your attitude towards yourself and your environment. This demands a clear comprehension of who you are and who you wish to become.

This is of utmost importance, especially since you may often be unclear about what you truly want.

Embrace the Strength of Your High Sensitivity

Are you ready to channel your high sensitivity into a positive force in your life? You're in the right place. Together, we can nurture a life of balance, tranquillity, and clarity, where your high sensitivity is an asset, not a barrier.

Before you read further about unlocking more of your true potential, please read a few reviews / testimonials of people I had the honor of working with:

Nancy: "A True Breakthrough in a Day"

The real Power Coaching by Felix has helped me immensely. I have become aware of my background, my "wiring" as a highly sensitive person, and the consequences of that for my functioning and the issues I wanted to work on. There were so many memorable moments. I had lost sight of my creativity and its importance. Thanks to Felix, I have rediscovered my creativity.

Not only did Felix make me aware of many things and explain them, but he also created a concrete action plan with many tools. That, along with the audio recording of all sessions, has proven to be very helpful. Felix possesses a combination of expertise, warmth, and authentic attention. He is truly capable of achieving a breakthrough in just 1 day. I felt welcome and invited to open up, even in areas I hadn't anticipated would come to the forefront. Felix was pleasantly sharp, and this led to a wonderful collaboration between us that has not ceased since. Although I have only seen Felix once, he has had such an impact that he continues to appear in my mind and heart in a pleasant way, propelling me further on my journey as an HSP. I am moving from feeling burdened by my high sensitivity towards accepting it and even enjoying it. A vast difference from how I entered Felix's practice.

Felix, thank you very much, all the best wishes, and see you soon.
Warm regards, Nancy


Maaike: "I Wouldn't Trade this for Anything in the World"

It's been a solid half year since I had my intensive full-day Power Coaching session with Felix. I can now say with certainty that I've finally embarked on the path to my true self, instead of remaining trapped in survival mode and the habit of heading in the wrong direction. Further and further down the wrong path. That other road was making me more and more tired, hollow. I was so confined in my small world: it was lifeless, suffocating, and without perspective. The book 'Follow your senses' by Felix that I bought 3 years ago and read at least twice as many times was already a great help in the right direction. After my burnout, I had tried everything on my own, and even though I managed to rebuild what seemed like a normal life, I never felt like I was truly emerging from the mud. It was as if I was subtly sabotaging myself over and over again. I kept struggling until I nearly crashed at work, quite literally. That's when I immediately scheduled an appointment with Felix.

He was straightforward and honest with me. I wanted to know the truth, no matter what it looked like. I got it, and quickly. In less than half an hour, he had uncovered the essence. But what I'm most grateful to him for is the fact that he explicitly said I had talents. Because I knew he is completely honest and direct, this was one of the few times I could accept this from someone. In a sea of negativity and confusion, this was a lifeline. It helped me tremendously in consciously choosing the completely new direction I'm now on.

By the way, it's unbelievable how much help I've received from all sides, and always at the best possible moments. I also constantly see Felix's words being confirmed. Hardly a day goes by when I'm not aware of that. All of this gives me a clear signal that I'm heading in the right direction. Even though I still have a way to go and the new job isn't here yet, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world to go back to how it was.

Felix, thank you immensely!!! Maaike


Sander: "This Session Has Transformed My Life"

Saturday afternoon... a 6-hour session with Felix... Clear, confronting, profound... and soooo beautiful. All of these are understatements. Understatements because Felix knows how to precisely touch the sore, delicate spots and essences, and then he can make all of this clear from the deepest layers, placing exactly the right 'signposts' from this same depth. I started working with these signposts/action points, and so much more has happened than I could ever have dared to think... this session and its aftermath have truly entered my 'being' and transformed my life! A few 'concluding keywords': insight, awareness, balance, immense inner peace, deeper depth, seeing life separate from life situations, my energy flows like never before, the beginning of a new, more beautiful, and complete life! This is truly a Power session 'to the core in one day'. Felix, thank you for everything!

Unlock Your Potential with Comprehensive Knowledge of the Highly Sensitive Nervous System and Personalized Coaching

A majority of individuals who seek my guidance choose my Empowerment Mastery Transformation formula. This involves two half VIP days in close succession. In addition to the six months of integration and anchoring after the Empowerment Mastery Transformation, I also provide 6 or 12-month programs with monthly sessions centred on a specific project. This could be authoring and positioning a book, creating a training program, refining your management of high sensitivity, or boosting your professional standing, or how to lead your team.

Do you feel like your thoughts are going in circles without finding a resolution? It's crucial to realise that the solution often doesn't lie in thinking, but in feeling. This is particularly true if you are highly sensitive or strongly emphatic.

The Consequences of Overthinking and Stress

Continuous overthinking can result in increasing stress levels. If stress has been a long-term companion, its physical effects become more and more evident, based on your body's vulnerabilities and resilience.

Over-emphasis on cerebral activities can lead to confusion, which can unsettle various aspects of your life and breed uncertainty.

High sensitivity is a trait that requires focus and nurturing. If you overlook self-care, your energy levels will dwindle and tension will build up in your system.

Let's Tackle Your Challenges Together

During our journey of Empowerment Mastery Transformation, we focus on two pivotal aspects:

  1. Grasping your current situation and roots: We pinpoint the stress triggers and energy sources in your life.
  2. Shaping your future and aspirations: We imagine the most exceptional version of you and chart the course to becoming that person.

I am here to help you gain a more transparent understanding of these elements. This comprehension will not only be intellectual but also deeply emotional. This is accomplished purely through a coaching approach, integrating various viewpoints and concentration techniques. While our sessions are profound, they don't involve physical exercises. Yet, most individuals report experiencing a heightened sense of freedom within themselves. You might find this impact so potent that others will observe it too. It's as if an emotional weight has been lifted off.

Unlock Your Potential with HSP Knowledge and Coaching

By merging HSP knowledge and coaching, you'll not only discover the best version of yourself but also learn to utilize your unique talents and traits for success in work and life. Discover how my Empowerment Mastery Transformation Concept can steer you towards a more rewarding and successful life.

Discover the strength of High Sensitivity with Empowerment Mastery Transformation


We look forward to connecting with you soon.

With warm regards,

Felix J. Brabander